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Like a Siren Call | @swimming-in-sakura


They had docked the Samezuka early in the morning three days later just as planned. They unloaded cargo within a few hours and Rin left their newest Greenhorn to see that it reached its destination.

Typically he would’ve just sent a couple deckhands out to fetch supplies for their next voyage, but on a whim he decided to take his first mate, Ai, and explore the town, as they’d never been before. 

"Ai, I’m going to go to the fishery, you head down for some vegetables."

"Yes, sir." The grey haired boy said with a nod before he headed down a separate road in the marketplace.

Rin browsed for a while, looking from stall to stall, purchasing a couple things here and there. Something caught his eye in the corner of his vision. He glanced upward and his vision fell upon a familiar face. Dark blue eyes and raven hair. It took him a moment, but he recognized him after a bit of thought, “You…”

As he fished about for his coin-purse in his pockets, he thought he saw a familiar shock of wine colored hair. Too late, he reached for his mask, only to hear the soft call, and see a familiar face a split second after.

It was the pirate from the other day.

"S…stay back," he stammered, backing away. Giving the mackerel one last longing look, he spun and tore down the street as fast as he could. Which, admittedly, wasn’t particularly fast. But he had a head start, and he took a turn into an alley way the first chance he got. Maybe he could lose him in the back-alley maze. The consequences would be dire if he couldn’t.

Like a Siren Call | @swimming-in-sakura


"What? Why not?" Rin asked him in response to his refusal. "Surely you don’t intend to swim to shore?" He ran a hand through his shaggy hair so it would lay out of his eyes and he made a shrugging gesture over the railing as if to say "I don’t understand." 

When the strange man turned suddenly Rin was alert almost immediately, “Hey! Wai-.” He cut off, staring after him in confusion as the pale blue tail flapped once against the surface before disappearing into the deep. 

Rin slumped against the railing, half expecting the merman to reappear if he watched long enough. The bewilderment didn’t leave him no matter how much had been explained as he mumbled under his breath, “….what even…?”

Sure enough, a few days later, Haruka found himself in town. The others were more than happy to shelter him but he’d have to do something himself about food. There were no fish in the immediate area, so he’d had to go to the human’s marketplace to get anything. Luckily he’d managed to get a small earning for untangling some nets the day before.

He was cautious, of course. He always wore a bandanna around his neck, which he’d pull up at the sight of any large new ships coming into port. He couldn’t risk being spotted by the same people twice.

But now he was further in on the island. He doubted Pirates would dare to come in this far. He stopped in front of a stall, eyes locking immediately on the silver blue scales.

"Found it…" he said, walking up to the stall to ask the merchant how much it was for a mackerel.

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Like a Siren Call | @swimming-in-sakura


Rin watched the young man swim on and eventually raise a hand to wave back to him he raised a brow in confusion. Placing his hands on either side of his mouth to amplify his voice he called out again, “Look, you may be a strong swimmer and all, but it’s too deep out there! Let me toss you a line and I’ll give you a ride to shore!”

He stared at him, trying to figure out a plausible reason for his being there but found nothing. He was a normal, healthy-looking person but even that didn’t fully explain why he would be out in such deep waters. 

Haru shook he head frantically, panic setting in. If he did that his cover would be blown completely. It was time to drop everything and run. If it went on like this he’d be discovered anyways. And it was too late to cover his face. He only hoped the pirate would remember his tail more than his face.

Turning quickly, Haru gave a few powerful strokes of his tail, and arched into the water, diving deep and fast. He’d have to leave the area for sure. He didn’t care how nice the guy had seemed; humans would do anything to get a hold of a merman. He had friends further up the coast. He’d just lay low over there. The pickings were more lean, but there was a mer-friendly port town near. He could always get supplies there.

'I hope they have mackerel…' he thought, the ship already long behind him.

Like a Siren Call | @swimming-in-sakura


"Raise the sails!" Rin called to the crew, thrusting his fist into the air. He watched from his usual post behind the wooden wheel as the crew sped around deck, tying and untying various ropes and pulleys, and eventually with their efforts the massive sheet of fabric ascended into the breeze.

He gave a satisfied laugh, and he turned to face his crew, “At this rate, we should make port by three sunrises.” Rin spoke with confidence, “Now then, go on ahead and get something to eat. I’ll keep watch for a while.” He paused, watching the group begin to file below deck, “Oi!” He called, “But be back up before sunset, I’m not sitting out here alone!” Rin nodded when his first mate raised a hand in a salute before he disappeared below.

Rin proceeded to lean over the side, staring aimlessly into the deep as the current rippled along the hull of his ship, Samezuka, which had been passed down to him by the previous captain. When his eye caught something moving below the surface, away from the boat, he snapped into focus. At first he’d passed the figure off as a dolphin but were those… hands? 

He waved an arm, even though he felt a bit silly for waving at something that probably was just a mirage anyhow, and called out, “Hey! You’ll get dragged under swimming that close!”

Haru’s heart sped up when the young man’s eye’s locked on him. He hadn’t been expecting the other to look down in his direction, but he should have been more cautious. But he hadn’t seen the flag, and he loved riding in the waves from a ship, and he’d slipped.

…But even though he’d been spotted, the stranger didn’t seem to recognize him for what he was yet. Had he not seen his tail? No he guessed he couldn’t from where he was, what with the froth from the ship completely covering his lower half. But how was he supposed to play this off? He couldn’t talk in this form.

He stared up at the pirate and waved a hand back, trying to signal that he was fine. Meanwhile, his tail was working steadily to bring him further away from the ship. He needed to time it right. If he dove too soon, the stranger would think he’d drowned and likely send someone after him. If he dove too far away, the froth the ship was making would no longer hide his tail beneath the waves.

17/ ? Free! 500px gifs [re-started]

Free! Eternal Summer → Episode 03

↳ Nagisa Hazuki

Like a Siren Call | @swimming-in-sakura

It was a bright day above, the rays of sunlight shimmering down and speckling the ocean floor. Haru skimmed along the bottom, enjoying the smoother waters just off the coast. He swam up a ways to the surface, thinking he saw the glimmer of a school of fish - hopefully his favorite, mackerel - when suddenly the light was blotted out by a massive shadow.

'Humans…' he thought, trailing curiously by the ship. He always wondered what the humans that sailed on these ships must be like. Leaving the land for the sea. He felt more connected to them than the others. He drew a bit closer, breaking the surface of the water and riding in the waves created by the ships movement. The vessel was enormous. He saw people scrambling about on it. One person stood out. He carried himself differently. And when he grinned he had the teeth of a shark.

'How…? A Half?'

A shiver went down his spine in sudden foreboding, and he looked up, his eyes locking on the ship’s flag.

'Pirates!' he thought, swimming backwards frantically through the water.

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